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We create amazing products every day.

3D printing can allow you to realise your product ideas, layer by layer. We can 3D print your designs in a range of materials and finishes, delivering right to your door in just a few days.

We can print thermoplastics, high-detail resins and flexible materials, commonly providing bespoke finishes on your prints. We can also 3D scan existing parts into CAD packages for reverse engineering and existing product modification.

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Our Consultancy Expertise can help you deliver the right product, on time.

 At Made By Voxel, we offer consultancy services right the way through product development. We have the experience and technical expertise in designing for 3D printing applications, helping us ensure you can receive products that exceed your expectations. 
As part of our service we can provide business enterprise advice for 3D printing start-ups and small businesses. From CAD and file fixing services and mechanical design to 3D printing business development, we can help.
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Buy Our Products, Visit the Store 

We trust our quality, buy our designs in-store. 

We like to practise what we preach at Made By Voxel, which is why some of our most beautifully designed prints are also on sale in our Store.

We currently sell a range of models highlighting the capability of 3D printing, besides material and finishing samples, fashion accessories and scale models, many of which can be customised on request.

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Our Services

 A High Quality, Rapid 3D Printing Service in a Range of Materials
 Extensive High Quality Part Finishing and Post-Processing Across All Technologies
 CAD and File Fixing services
 Accurate 3D Scanning of Existing Parts, Assemblies and Products
 Designing for 3D Printing Applications and Benefits
 Product Design and Development
 Wide Ranging 3D Printing, Business & Design Consultancy Services
 Mechanical Design, Simulation and Testing
 Bespoke AM Business Start Up & Development Solutions 

3D Printing People

    We understand that many projects require a tailored solution to cater for your needs. Here at Made By Voxel, we are passionate about 3D Printing, and no project is too big, small or challenging for us!
    Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.
    Don’t forget to check out our FAQs for some frequently asked questions about our services and products.  
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